The Garden

Villa Fracanzan Piovene is surrounded by a garden in the Italian style and one of the biggest landscaped parks in the Veneto.

A perimeter wall runs around the whole garden. Wild animals destined for hunting were allowed to range freely in the enclosure, or serraglio, created in 1700.
The formal garden with box hedges and four monumental yews is laid out in front of the villa. The brolo, with its orchard and vegetable and flower gardens is one of the few surviving examples of its kind in the Veneto.

The grand avenues

Woodland and cultivated areas are traversed by grand perspectival avenues and two large fishponds. Woods, meadows and wetland areas offer visitors an array of natural environments in which to take a pleasant stroll.

The amphitheatre

The amphitheatre set into the hill is of great historical interest. It was designed by Muttoni for open-air spectacles in which the villa served as a backdrop.